ResqueBuddy immediately impressed us. Out of all the car safety tool options we tested, ResqueBuddy had the most positive reviews – a whopping 8,213 customers expressed their satisfaction with the product.

This simple but rather genius model was developed in 2019 by a rescue firefighter with the goal of creating a simple safety tool that anyone could use to save a life.

We were pleasantly surprised to see a full use and care pamphlet included in the packaging, detailing use and maintenance, as well as a thank you note.

A great start to the testing process!

But now, on to what we found during our review.

Our Test Results

Total setup time:  <1 minute.

The ResqueBuddy car safety tool came ready to be used. This stood out as other products we tried out had to be assembled or needed batteries that were not included, so this was a good sign of convenience and ease of use!

A compact, simple-to-use tool that can help you escape in seconds!

The instructional pamphlet included in the packaging detailed everything one might need to know about assuring the longevity and effectiveness of their ResqueBuddy. It really showed that the company cares about the quality of its product and avoided planned obsolescence.

We took all the products through a series of tests to see how they fired against each other.



Effectiveness – we tested how quickly one could escape from a car with each tool. To our surprise, ResqueBuddy was the quickest to cut the seatbelt and break the window, even though it was the most unassuming product at first sight.


Ease of use – when you’re in a car and need to escape ASAP, it’s important that your escape tool is simple and fast to grab and use. ResqueBuddy is comfortable to hold and use, making it a perfectly-designed option.


Longevity – safety tools should never be one-time-use items. It is crucial that these tools last you for as long as you might need them. We tested the resistance of each contender, and ResqueBuddy withstood the testing the best.


Convenience – perhaps one of the biggest perks of ResqueBuddy is how convenient it is. You can easily attach the tool to your key ring, leaving it right at your fingertips when you need it most.

Similar tests were performed with all the selected car safety tools, and ResqueBuddy outperformed all of them.

​​​​While these features might be enough to show you that ResqueBuddy is worth your attention, we wanted to test it in other areas that can sway your decision while looking for a similar product.


Most decent car safety tools will cost you at least $100, usually more. The ResqueBuddy normally sells for $65.98, which is already a great bargain. They manage to keep the prices low as they sell exclusively online. This way, they don’t have to pay rent for physical store locations.

Right now, ResqueBuddy is running a 50% off sale on their official website! So, you get the best option on the market for only $32.99!

Safety experts recommend keeping at least two easily-accessible units in each vehicle – one in the front and one in the back. That being said, additional units will significantly increase your chances of survival.

Essential For Kids

Children need to be able to save themselves in times of emergency, even if the adult is present. Sometimes it only takes a second to escape a life-or-death situation.

ResqueBuddy is created to ergonomically fit all hands and to be light enough to use by anyone. It was designed keeping children in mind, making sure it would be simple to use to protect themselves too.

Customer Support

If you weren’t convinced that ResqueBuddy is exceptionally customer-oriented, this part of our review should tell you everything you need to know.

You not only have the option to contact their support department via email, but they operate a 24/7 customer call center, allowing you to get clarification and assistance whenever you need it most.

Here are some customer reviews we’ve found on their website.

I have had a few rescue devices over the years, and I think this is the best one yet. It’s small enough to be a keychain item, but you could also hair-tie it to the seat belt or buckle. It’s very simple to use, and my kids got the hang of it very quickly too. And it’s inexpensive enough that you can put a few in every car.

Alex Herrington – New York

I’m very paranoid and got one of these as a “just-in-case” item. I couldn’t be happier that I did. During a recent rainstorm, my car skidded off the road and ran right into a tree. The doors were jammed but this broke the window in no time, and I could get out without a scratch on me. I’m the perfect example of the usefulness of this product – get it now and never regret it!

Jamie Miller – Colorado

We just purchased our teenage daughter her 1st car to travel back n forth to school/college. Naturally, we wanted to make sure she had all the necessary safety equipment. The ResqueBuddy key chain was a “No-Brainer”. It is attached to her car keys & she carries it with her every time she drives her car. Makes her parents feel better while she is driving alone! We are THRILLED WITH THIS PURCHASE!

Milosh Robbie – Maine

Purchase and Delivery Process

Purchasing and receiving a ResqueBuddy car safety tool of your own could not be easier. As mentioned, they’re sold only online in order to keep prices low. They also offer fast worldwide delivery and returns with a money-back guarantee (if you’re not satisfied). Our product was delivered in 3 days, which was the fastest out of all the options we tested.

The 50% discount is automatically applied at your checkout. That being said, buying in bulk actually allows you to save even more.

Where Can I Buy The ResqueBuddy Tool?

To take advantage of the current 50% discount and order, simply follow these steps:


Visit the official website


Select the number of devices you want to purchase


Fill in your shipping information and payment method


Enjoy knowing you’re perfectly safe!