EariFex immediately impressed us. Out of all the ear-cleaning tool options we tested, EariFex had the most positive reviews – a whopping 8,213 customers expressed their satisfaction with the product.

This simple but rather genius model was developed in 2019 by a group of medical students from Oxford with the goal of creating a safer and more effective ear cleaning tool than the popular cotton swab.

We were pleasantly surprised to see a full use and care pamphlet included in the packaging, detailing use and maintenance, as well as a thank you note.

A great start to the testing process!

But now, on to what we found during our review.

Our Test Results

Total setup time:  <1 minute.

The EariFex ear cleaning tool came ready to be used. This stood out as most other products we tried out had complicated setup processes or had to be charged before the item could be used, so this was a good sign of convenience and ease of use!

No batteries or water containers – just insert it into your ear and twist. That’s it!

The instructional pamphlet included in the packaging detailed everything one might need to know about assuring the longevity and effectiveness of their EariFex tool. It really showed that the company cares about the quality of its product and avoided planned obsolescence.

We took all the products through a series of tests to see how they fired against each other.



Effectiveness – we tested each product individually, seeing which could remove an ear blockage the fastest. To our surprise, the EariFex spiral design easily outshined even the most high-tech alternatives.


Ease of use – we believe that cleaning your ears should not be a complicated process. The
EariFex was by far the simplest tool to use
, making it a great choice for kids, the elderly, and folks with limited mobility.


Safety – this was by far the most important criterion while performing these tests, as there have been many stories of ear and hearing damage caused by traditional ear cleaning methods. EariFex is definitely a superior choice, preventing any injury with soft, flexible tips.


Comfort – considering the large group of individuals with sensory processing problems and kids that don’t like the sensation of ear cleaning, we couldn’t endorse EariFex more. The sensation is exceptionally gentle, and because there are no motors or hard edges, no sound can disturb the user’s comfort.

Similar tests were performed with all the selected ear-cleaning tools, and EariFex outperformed all of them.

While these features might be enough to show you that EariFex is worth your attention, we wanted to test it in other areas that can sway your decision while looking for a cotton swab alternative.


Most decent ear cleaning tools will cost you at least $100, usually more. The EariFex normally sells for $60, which is already a great bargain. They manage to keep the prices low as they sell exclusively online. This way, they don’t have to pay rent for physical store locations. 

The kit comes with one handle and 16 silicone tip replacements, with additional packages of 16 additional replacement tips being sold separately.

Right now, EariFex is running a 50% off sale on their official website! So, you get the best option on the market for only $29.99!

With that being said, it should be kept in mind that ordering in bulk helps you save even more!

Great For Kids

Children’s ears are not only significantly more delicate than adult ears, but the kids themselves are often not the biggest fans of getting their ears clean, either.

EariFex is created to fit all ear sizes and be gentle on even the most delicate skin types. In addition, the quiet and soft tool is perfect for teaching young children the importance of taking good care of their ears.

Customer Support

If you weren’t convinced that EariFex is exceptionally customer-oriented, this part of our review should tell you everything you need to know.

You not only have the option to contact their support department via email, but they operate a 24/7 customer call center, allowing you to get clarification and assistance whenever you need it most.

Here are some customer reviews we’ve found on their website.

Tried on my ears and felt they are very effective and innovative way to clean ears. The standard ear swabs have cotton fibers which i always hated.. They felt like leaving more mess in ears than cleaning. But the silicone heads are very innovative design. They are soft and felt effective. Definitely recommend!

Alex Herrington – New York

Recently realized I was not cleaning my ears properly using Cotton swabs. As doctors say cotton swabs push the earwax down deeper I felt while I see some smeared wax on the cotton swab it also pushes some in the back of the ear causing clogs and hearing problem. Thanks to EariFex I am now effectively removing my earwax, preventing build up and I really liked the wide stopper at the end of each tip that doesn’t let me reach or poke my ear drum which was something I used to be worried about with cotton swab. I love the safety and comfort of my EariFex and will never go back to cotton swabs.

Jamie Miller – Colorado

These are a pretty smart invention. The spiral tips are a soft plastic (how do they do that?) and they are small so they only gominso far. That means there is no chance for to hit the eardrum itself. You just place take tip in the ear as far as you COMFORTABLY can and rotate the handle with the tip attached. If there is excessive wax it will come ou the tip. I’m impressed.

Milosh Robbie – Maine

Purchase and Delivery Process

Purchasing and receiving a EariFex ear cleaning tool of your own could not be easier. As mentioned, they’re sold only online in order to keep prices low. They also offer fast worldwide delivery and returns with a money-back guarantee (if you’re not satisfied). Our product was delivered in 3 days, which was the fastest out of all the options we tested.

The 50% discount is automatically applied at your checkout. That being said, buying in bulk actually allows you to save even more.

Where Can I Buy The EariFex Ear Cleaner?

To take advantage of the current 50% discount and order, simply follow these steps:


Visit the official website


Select the number of devices you want to purchase


Fill in your shipping information and payment method


Enjoy perfectly clean ears!