Spyrigo immediately impressed us. Out of all the security camera options we tested, Spyrigo had the most positive reviews – a whopping 8,213 customers expressed their satisfaction with the product.

This simple but rather genius model was developed in 2019 by a group of engineering students from Harvard with the goal of creating something the home surveillance market was missing – a small, wireless camera that would allow you to keep your property safe yourself.

We were pleasantly surprised to see a full use and care pamphlet included in the packaging, detailing use and maintenance, as well as a thank you note.

A great start to the testing process!

But now, on to what we found during our review.

Our Test Results

Total setup time:  <1 minute.

The Spyrigo mini security camera came ready to be used. This stood out as other products we tried out had to be set up, fully charged, or needed batteries that were not included, so this was a good sign of convenience and ease of use!

All you have to do is place it wherever you want it and connect the camera to the phone app. That’s it!

The instructional pamphlet included in the packaging detailed everything one might need to know about assuring the longevity of their Spyrigo. It really showed that the company cares about the quality of its product and avoided planned obsolescence.

We took all the products through a series of tests to see how they fired against each other.



Effectiveness – the camera working well under various conditions is crucial for all surveillance systems, and Spyrigo was unbeatable. The footage looked flawless during the day, with intense sunlight, and even at night. In addition, the camera automatically adjusts its mode based on the lighting.


Ease of use – setting up a security camera can be more difficult than many would like. Spyrigo comes with several magnetic stand and attachment options, allowing you to place the camera virtually anywhere in just seconds! And without drilling, hammering, and damage.


Longevity – needing to recharge or replace batteries in your surveillance camera too often defeats the purpose of the product. Spyrigo impressed us with the best working time out of all the options we tested, blowing the competition away.


Convenience – perhaps one of the biggest perks of Spyrigo is how convenient it is. You can easily connect the camera to your phone using the Spyrigo app, making it exceptionally simple to check up on your property at any time and from anywhere.

Similar tests were performed with all the selected security cameras, and Spyrigo outperformed all of them.

​​​​While these features might be enough to show you that Spyrigo is worth your attention, we wanted to test it in other areas that can sway your decision while looking for a similar product.


Most decent surveillance cameras will cost you at least $150, usually more. The Spyrigo normally sells for $80, which is already a great bargain. They manage to keep the prices low as they sell exclusively online. This way, they don’t have to pay rent for physical store locations.

Right now, Spyrigo is running a 50% off sale on their official website! So, you get the best option on the market for only $39.99!

With that being said, it should be kept in mind that ordering in bulk helps you save even more!

Tiny But Mighty

No one wants a large security camera – it’s too simple to notice and disarm, rendering it essentially useless. If you are looking for something small that still packs a punch, Spyrigo is the mini security camera for you.

Once installed, it’s barely visible while looking around the area. You really have to know what you’re looking for to notice it.

In our testing, Spyrigo was the easiest to set up out of all the alternatives. In addition to the simple process, the device is completely wireless, so installation is really a breeze. And you don’t have to worry about unsightly cords and wires dangling around your home – a win-win!

Customer Support

If you weren’t convinced that Spyrigo is exceptionally customer-oriented, this part of our review should tell you everything you need to know.

You not only have the option to contact their support department via email, but they operate a 24/7 customer call center, allowing you to get clarificatspyrigion and assistance whenever you need it most.

Here are some customer reviews we’ve found on their website.

This Camera is much better than anything I used before, the quality of the video is so much better, and the light sensor is much more accurate. The wide lens addition is a huge plus, too. Connection strength is also awesome, and the night vision is just fantastic. Best resolutions I’ve ever seen!

Alex Herrington – New York

The camera works well and has smooth day/night transition functions. I was really impressed with the night vision quality considering the price point of this unit. The installation was easy, with no wires to run or holes to drill. You can get motion notifications through the app and adjust the sensitivity up or down. Overall for what you get, it’s a solid value purchase.

Jamie Miller – Colorado

The camera was easy to install and connect with the app. All the features worked as stated. The picture quality of the night and day vision is better than expected. Very well made, and the instructions are easy to follow. For me, one word – “EXCELLENT!” I’ll be purchasing another one to cover the back side of the house.

Milosh Robbie – Maine

Purchase and Delivery Process

Purchasing and receiving a Spyrigo surveillance camera of your own could not be easier. As mentioned, they’re sold only online in order to keep prices low. They also offer fast worldwide delivery and returns with a money-back guarantee (if you’re not satisfied). Our product was delivered in 3 days, which was the fastest out of all the options we tested.

The 50% discount is automatically applied at your checkout. That being said, buying in bulk actually allows you to save even more.

Where Can I Buy The Spyrigo Security Camera?

To take advantage of the current 50% discount and order, simply follow these steps:


Visit the official website


Select the number of devices you want to purchase


Fill in your shipping information and payment method


Enjoy knowing your property is well-protected!